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Updated News: Creating a New blog on My own Site

My Blog was deleted by Blogger and I lost 240 posts that had lots of information on Ab training, Reviews, weight loss methods and much much more. Well it's kind of sad that blogger thought this is spam blog... which never was...

Anyways I am creating a new blog on my own site. I have some posts archive, so I'll be putting them on. But there is no way I can get all the 240 posts back. So This blog will be started once again at my site.

Anyways My New Blog : Get Fit | Weight Loss Help. You can check it out my latest posts in there.

Plus I am going to give you 2 Ebooks for FREE for all the trouble of Coming in here and Not Finding any Info I had earlier..Sorry Folks
1. Basics of Healthy Lifestyle : This is a Report that I created 3 yrs back when I started off as a trainer. I used to give this report to my every client as a reference, so that they can at least learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

This report talks about
* How to Lose Stubborn Fat.
* How to motivate yourself to lose Fat.
* What kind of Exercise Routine You should have?
* How to design a Powerful Routine for yourself?

2. Health and Fitness for Seniors: This is another Report I Created for people above 50. You'll Learn How to Keep yourself Fit in later stages of Life.
You'll Learn
* How to find right apparel for yourself?
* A reference for stretching for seniors
* 9 Tips for seniors who are looking for strength training
* How to integrate Exercise in your Day to day routines?

All you need to do is just subscribe to my list. So that I can send you these books Plus I can update you when my blog get back.